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    10 rounds of full body training, incorporating high intensity strength work with metabolic conditioning to give you the best lean athletic body you can achieve.

At Southpaw we’re breaking down the stereotypes when it comes to boxing. Instead of the confusing boxing elements you’re used to, we’re simplifying things. Just follow our 6 basic punches that our trainers will guide you through and watch the screen as we change it up with different combinations as the class goes on. When you’re done sweating it out with our aqua bags, you move on to your personalized weight bench where your trainer will have you go through AMRAP (as many reps as possible) of dynamic weight exercises. Combined, our workout will leave you breathless and ready to tap out!

But don’t worry, our high beat songs blasting through the speakers, high-tech lighting system that hits you in all the right places, and motivating trainers will help get you through the workout.